Slick Vixen

Slick Chick

“Mariya is a very precious glamour model,” our contributing photographer told about Mariya Mills, XL Girls’ paramount kept secret. This chab detected her throughout a ally of hers who thought she was just right. “Mariya grasped everything very quickly and wasn’t hesitant. I have photographed many girls so I was impressed by her personality and interest. This babe is a very amicable goddess and had worthwhile ideas.”

XLGirls: Mariya, how do you care for your boobies?

Mariya: Each evening I rub sperm into ’em. This is a special ball batter with many vitamins. I don’t stay in the sun for likewise much time when I go to a park or the sea shore. I donot go to tanning spas. Sometimes I get special massages to remove toxins.

XLGirls: Have you ever been with a hotty?

Mariya: No. I’ve had fantasies of this but I’ve never been with angels. I adore boyz. Now I am single. I would adore to find a fresh husband who is ardent and will be my hero. This chap should accept my glamour modeling activities. But you know, many guys in my country are jealous.

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Playgirl screws her son’s friend

Babe bonks her son's friend

Hotty Morgan, who’s Fifty two years old, walks into her living room and sees her son’s ally playing episode games. She is looking hot in a skimpy top. She’s looking for sex. He is a lot younger than her.

“Hey, Rion, where’d my son go?” this babe asks.

“He left for practice,” he says. “Is that ok, Ms. Morgan?”

“It’s perfectly ok for you to hangout,” she says.

That babe asks him why this chab did not go to practice. This chab says that buck wanted to hang out and play movie scene games. This babe craves to play with him. So much for movie games. Vixen sucks his youthful rod, screws him each which way and has him cum on her beautiful face.

Marvelous wonderful for a first time on-video, wouldn’t u say?

Honey is from Arizona. This babe was born in Wisconsin. She’s a wife and Mother. That babe is a swinger, but she says almost all people who know her would be surprised to watch her here. Astonished, indeed.

Fascinating heart says that now that her kids are without the house, “I have more time to play and do the things I desire to do. I always wanted to do this and thought about it, and a friend of mind got into this and did it. I thought if this babe could do it, I could, also.”

That ally is 60Plus Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK Leah L’Amour. Thank you, Leah!

Babe has at no time modeled. Not ever in nature’s garb. She’s taken selfies and done some ram with her boyfriend, but nothing like this. Heck, majority honey bunnys have never done everything adore this.

“I think I have a priceless booty. Beautiful wonderful hips. Valuable pointer sisters. Terrific hair,” Chick told. “I relish sex in general. I like oral sex and I like tons of foreplay.”

When that babe says that babe loves oral-stimulation, this babe means getting and giving.

Aren’t those 50Plus MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK such great givers?

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Decorating Sasha’s face

Decorating Sasha's face

In this episode, her 1st on-camera bonk scene, 42-year-old Sasha Bell is an inner decorator. Her client is a buck, certainly. Sasha, wearing a short petticoat and carrying some pillows (doesn’t everybody carry pillows around?) walks into the abode, looks around and says, “There’s tons of things we can do here.”

She’s damn right there are!

Sasha bends over. This chab checks out her butt.

“I kind of like this fabric on your petticoat,” he says, boldly grabbing her butt.

Who does that kind of thing?

“We can do anything you wish,” she says.

Who’s fortunate enough to acquire that kind of answer from a fetching woman adore Sasha?

Sasha wants to see his underclothes to check for colors and patterns. When he receives his trousers off, that babe plays with his meat-thermometer and the decorating stops. He ends up decorating her face with his jizz. In-between, this babe sucks his jock and fucks him every which way.

It is a great beginning for Sasha and a very glad ending!

Sasha is divorced. She has 2 kids. This babe lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s not a nudist or a swinger. She’s gonna medical school, where she’s surrounded by younger sexy fellows. This babe is banged numerous of ’em.

“Friends with benefits and lads in study groups,” she told.

This babe can be a little daring.

“I did it in a pool with eight or 10 people in it, and nobody had any idea that we were having sex. You just must splash at the right time so nobody knows what you are doing. I don’t mind if I acquire caught or if people are watching. It adds to the excitement. I have had sex in cars with boyfriends and outside when camping.”

It’s simple to satisfy Sasha. Just eat her muff. And screw her standing up. She’d adore you to do that. This babe is into women but prefers men. Gentlemen love most of all Sasha.

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Unsurpassable Summer Sinn

Ultimate Summer Sinn

Summer Sinn reads a letter from a fan and being the generous type, Summer exposes how this babe can blow his trousers clean off.

Wrote SCORE editor Dave, “Summer, who splits her time between Boston and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a SCORE Goddess in the classic tradition: slim ‘n’ ultra-stacked.”

Tit bucks wanna spend quality time with Summer to acquire busy on her king-size bosoms.

“Lick them and engulf them,” Summer said. “I adore it. Softly, ‘cuz they’re sensitive. Don’t bite ’em. I’m not into domination. Maybe start out by tongueing them a little, then mouthing them a little, then licking ’em some more, then mouthing some more. Pay lots of attention to ’em. Go from one to the other. Give both of ’em plenty of attention. That gets me going. I at no time cum from having ’em sucked but sucking on my whoppers gets me all juicy. This smooth operator doesn’t even have to touch my twat to get me juicy. Just lightly touch my titties and teats.”

So the first place a boy should go when he is got a date with Summer is her love bubbles. Not her neck, not her cookie, not her wazoo, not her feet.

“Most of the time a buck starts on my breasts. Sometimes they’re polite and they’ll kiss me, but most of the time they’ll go for my scones. But I don’t crave the same thing all the time. That is no pleasure.”

It is usually Summer telling a lad to copulate her love muffins. We don’t mean porn lads. We mean regular men that babe acquires busy with.

“He’ll be licking with tongue and engulfing my meatballs, and I’ll just say to him, ‘Fuck them!’ I love it. I do not do it for the buck. My bra-busters are so sensitive, it feels precious to have a guy’s pecker between ’em. First, I gotta get it all damp. Then I’ll rub his penis against my teats. Then I’ll receive it all moist another time, rub it up and down to make sure it’s real inflexible, then I’ll wrap my pointer sisters around it and move them up and down. Sometimes boyz get lost in my bra-busters, but they don’t appear to be to mind. I can make just about any meat-thermometer vanish.”

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Have to Know Aza

Get to Know Aza

Quick Facts:

Aza is from Detriot. She’s 5’6″ tall, weighs about 125 pounds, and wears a 36B-cup below garment. This babe enjoys writing screenplays, going for hikes, encounter fresh people, and gonna undress clubs. This babe normally doesn’t wear any knickers, and that babe is into bad boyz. “Guys with tattoos and a pair of piercings are my kryptonite. If a lad has a worthwhile sense of humor, also, I’ll probably jump into couch quicker than I should,” that babe told us.

Aza has some peculiar fetishes that she wants to explore.

“I’ve always wanted to use a strap-on on a Lothario. I’d be truly gentle, but no ladies man has taken me up on the opportunity.”

She needs a lot of erotic attention

“I’m a chronic masturbator. I masturbate about four to five times a day. I usually use my cute, pink dildo. Sometimes I double up and use a clit teaser, likewise!”

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Big boobed MILF of the Month

Busty HORNY HOUSEWIFE of the Month

Tahnee Taylor makes Big-Boob HORNY HOUSEWIFE of the Month for the second time.

A super-MILF who overflows her bras to the point of strap-snapping, Tahnee Taylor takes two super-studs and puts them through an intense workout. They’re up for the defiance of screwing Miss Taylor’s face hole, cookie and anus, and when their three-way fuckfest reaches the top of the mountain, or mountains in Tahnee’s case, they blow a geyser into her expecting mouth so that babe can gulp each drop.

“Men always go for my bigger in size than typical tits,” said Tahnee. No surprises there. That’s the 1st thing about Tahnee that we zero in on. Here’s a mature hottie with a blast-furnace sex drive. “The funniest thing a boy ever said to me was, ‘Hi, I am an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus.’ Scarcely any boyz can say that to a woman and make it a matter of joke. I do not know if this chab recognized me or not.

“I love big jocks. Bigger than run of the mill knobs go with big funbags. I love a boy who’s a beast in daybed and a gentleman everywhere else. Most of the time, I like a petticoat chaser to make the 1st move because it shows me he’s sexy for me. I usually don’t make the 1st approach because I’d detest to be rejected.”

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Marina’s intimate show

Marina's private show

Marina Rene, a DP MILF who can’t live without rod in her cum-hole and anus, puts on a unveil just for you in her return to Marina, who’s Fourty nine and from Germany, has so much going for her, it is hard to say what aspect of her is superlatively nice.

The fact that that babe is a HORNY HOUSEWIFE?

Her larger than standard fun bags?

The way that babe loves to acquire rogered in her wet crack and asshole?

The jewelry on her areolas?

The bunch of big rings dangling from her snatch?

The fact that she loves sex and will do everything to please a gent?

All of these things are true, and in this movie, we acquire to inspect her fullsome funbags, cunt and a-hole with out any man-ass getting in the way. Yes, we know, u love hardcore, but sometimes it’s wonderful to watch what a lady has to suggest.

Marina offers a lot.

She’s a German swinger who is married to a very giving boyfriend. This guy viewed during the time that she discharged these images and during her hardcore scenes.

“One of my beloved things is to have my husband’s knob in my muff and a stranger’s rod in my arse whilst a sexy female sucks on my mangos,” this babe said. “I enjoy Dual Penetration, and with my piercings, the sensations send me over the edge. It’s astounding to have two knobs in u.”

Here, that babe has none in her…but this babe imagines that she does, and one of ’em is yours.

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Cotton Cunny

Cotton Cunny

“A lot of gals think they receive to wear panties to be hawt, but I know a lot of males who think regular cotton thongs are sexy. Especially when they’re luscious with twat juice. My teacher could not resist me one time he saw my wet straps. That skirt chaser worshiped my wazoo and slit and then fucked me until his shlong was as luscious as my briefs. I even let him take my belts home as a souvenir.”

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