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“Well, I’ve been truly busy traveling and going all over the world to conventions and flaunts. And, of course, I’ve been screwing a lot. I’ve been sucking plenty of 10-Pounder and sitting on a lot of faces and taking plenty of shlong in my cunt and my butt. You know, I’m really getting to like face sitting. At 1st I was worried about hurting the smooth operator, but they all want me to sit down on their faces actually hard and grind my dark-skinned hole into their mouths. I love it!”

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“Who shall satisfy me tonight?” muses single-girl-on-the-go Julia. “Let me look through my little darksome book and see what kind of game I’m in the mood to play. DAVID, perhaps? DOUGLAS loves to sniff my twat and supplicate to take up with the tongue my bawdy cleft. Then, this stud can’t live without to be screwed in the butt with a strap-on. I love to play with him. But not tonight. ANGEL? Brett’s a sole-licker and toe-sucker. But my shoes aren’t sufficiently ribald to make a game with him much fun. Maybe Darnell? Darnell likes to try on my tights, knickers and bras. No, I do not have the patience for Darnell tonight.”

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Busty Lorraine comes to us all the way from Germany, but she is hoping her appeal is international! “I am saving up for a voyage to America,” this babe says, “and the specie from those pix will aid.”
Lorraine tells us that her job as a medical researcher is “boring. All the guys are married and dull. No one can’t live without to go out for a drink after work, and there is no one to date! I haven’t had sex in almost a year now, and it’s making me potty! I am hoping to have a fling or two when I go on vacation to the States. Do u think the chaps there will like me?” We think so, Lorraine! “Good. Coz I am going there very lustful!”

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“My little sister was so jealous when I got a soccer scholarship to high school, not cuz of school, but because of all the hot boys I was going to acquire!”

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Julia was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. Now that babe is based in London, working for an international airline as an interpreter. “I posed because it is smth I’ve wanted to do for a ages,” that babe said. “And the supplementary specie will assist me to buy my first motorcycle.” Yeah, a motorcycle. Cant you just see Julia packed into a leather riding costume, sat astride a 1,000cc machine? “I wish a big, powerful Italian motorbike,” Julia said. “My father, back home, has an old motorbike, and I’ve been riding it since I was about 10. So I’m quite competent. Much greater amount so at riding than at sex.”

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“When my partner asked me to pose for NN, I told him that he’d must take me away for a lengthy weekend somewhere valuable, and I would pose in the hotel room,” said Penelope. “So this chab took me to Chattanooga for 2 nights, and even got a real priceless hotel. We spent plenty of time in couch having sex, and didn’t get around to taking the pics till we were about due to leave. So I started out stripped and doing myself, then he took the photos as I got dressed. But then we had to have a quickie for the road.”

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We have just observed newcomer Gabriella Michaels in February ’07 Voluptuous taking off a super-tight, hot cheerleader’s dress. Moving quickly, here we’ve got her trying to need to the water with her meat-thermometer when Sir MAURICE Holmes wanders into the picture and hooks her into banging him in a conveniently parked van.His intent is to investigate her fur pie. Fast work! Let that be a lesson to her. Next time spray on some shark repellent.

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Little do the customers at the restaurant know that Christine has posed for a men’s mag-site. We were amazed that she was able to acquire that toy up her. It is the size of a screwing pepper grinder at her restaurant. Yep, vixens at not time cease to amaze us with their little antics.

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