T.L.C. Tush

T.L.C. Tush

Welcome back, Morgan. It looks love you are giving that pecker T.L.C.
“[Laughs.] I said you lads in the June ’09 issue that I rogered a boy on set ‘coz I got so slutty doing my solo pictorial. Well, this is the stranger I screwed! It was so hawt! I told him that I would always had this nurse fantasy that I wanted to live out and this chab was all for it. Fucking him made my fantasy cum true!”

So we see that you told him to put it in your butt, also.
“I had to. Once we started banging and all these people were watching us, I was so turned on and wild that it just happened. That stud was screwing me so worthy and so unbending and I just looked at him and said him, “I wish u in my wazoo right now, baby. Pump my rectal hole full of your meat-thermometer and cum!” That smooth operator was so into it that this lady-killer just slid it with out my cunt and popped it right into my butt. I went into a frenzy! I was grinding my wazoo on his schlong and I was screaming and moaning so loud!”

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Bigger than standard Tit P.O.V.: Claudia KeAloha

Big Tit P.O.V.: Claudia KeAloha

Our hostess aka her hotness Lisa Lipps introduces the next sexually excited scene in Bigger than typical Tit P.O.V. This sex and tits-drenched episode brings us Claudia KeAloha, the sleek and stacked SCORE centerfold and lap dancer who not lengthy ago made a well-received cumback! Claudia is a teacher being spied on by you, a spy who’s not very skillful at spying. But you are admirable at rogering the hell without feisty, disciplinarian teachers in their own classrooms. Miss KeAloha sees u peering through the window blinds checking her out and admonishes you–slapping a ruler on her palm. That babe holds up your paper and brandishes u your grade. “I gave u an F!” yells Miss KeAloha. “Do u know what F stands for? U are so banged!” Now that u are inside the classroom, Miss KeAloha can’t keep her hands off her chest so this babe lowers her constricted top to expose u as much cleavage as that babe can before her pointers pop out over the spillage line. “You’ve been a very bad boy,” this babe rails, her meat-thermometer sucker lips emphasizing the word “bad.” “Okay, maybe there is a way we can improve your score.” Yes! Here it comes. Receive your hardon willing for act. This teacher wishes your nut-nectar. This babe takes off her top and plops her boobs over her bra cups, a strange smile curling her lips. “What have u learned in class about mammary glands? Nothing, right? I do not think u know anything,” says Miss KeAloha, shaking her twin globes of greatness in your face. But you do know numerous things. A hardly any things you’ll be teaching this teacher. If you remember everything about this year in school, it’ll be what you did to Miss KeAloha on her desk! Did they ever acquire her high heel marks off that desk?

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Broad-Jumping Tawny

Broad-Jumping Tawny

Everything can happen on The Boob Cruise. When Tawny sailed with her bombshell ally, the great Lisa Lipps, in 1994, they could have powered the ship on breast mass alone. The lezzie act between the 2 SCORE-mates is a feast for the eyes, anything you could ever desire for. Lickings and tongue bathroom are just for starters on their voyage of carnal enjoyment.

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A little role-playing

A little role-playing

Lives: Miami, Florida; Occupation: Restaurant manager; Age: Thirty five; Born: December 12; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 98 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Briefs; Anal: No way! BJs: Always gulp; Diddle: Not any more.

“I was born and raised in China and I actually run a Chinese restaurant, so I thought it would be laughable to play a delivery fascinating heart working her body to acquire an supplementary bigger than average tip from a customer,” told Veronica. “Or perhaps get his pecker as well as his money. I like dressing hot and getting the attention of guys when they go into the restaurant, or when I go any other place. Doing a undress tease and showing off anything for guys everywhere makes me feel super-sexy.”

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Physical TIT-ness

Physical TIT-ness

Have you ever wondered how a SCORE cutie keeps her body and her monumental bra-busters tight? Surely there need to be a science to keeping waists slim and chests as stacked as they possibly can be. Well, wonder no more. You’re about to acquire a first-row seat and a sneak-peak at an sexual exercise routine. Holly Halston is in need of a serious workout and this babe is going to flaunt u how to work HER out, also. Just take a look as hawt and wanton Holly works up a sweat. After some vigorous stretching, she begins off by whipping those king-size funbags out and oiling them up. She does a small in number reps of this strenuous fondelling and then she’s on to pumping iron. (And by now you should be pumping your schlong to her.) This babe lifts these enormous hand weights with her hands 1st, and then that babe moves on to compressing one between her colossal love bubbles. How do you think that that babe receives those jugs cock-ready? These exercises ensure that when this babe wraps these things around a pecker, the fit is snug and taut and can jizz any knob in numerous minutes flat. After she is warmed up, this babe calls in her personal coach to give her snatch some one-on-one time. Obviously when you’re a bigger in size than average breasted lady, personal trainer is just some other term for fuckslave. This fortunate bastard not only exercises her slit, but he also receives more than a handful of her glorious rack. This is routine for Holly who loves to stay in shape by banging as much as she can.

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Morning Rub

Morning Rub

Michelle, on your glamour model form you put that u like to rub one out in the morning.
“It’s true. No thing gets the day started love fondelling one out and having an orgasm. It is part of my morning routine, just adore taking a shower, brushing my teeth, getting clothed and making my couch.”

When we final saw you in the April ’10 issue you were a virgin. Have you drilled yet or are you still an virginal cherry pleasant heart?
“I’ve had sex a not many times. I’m glad about that ’cause I was getting very sexually disappointed. I haven’t gotten laid recently though. So I’m back to masturbating. I used to acquire weary of always masturbating, but now that I’ve finally had sex I do not mind it so much.”

But since you’ve had sex would not u rather do that than masturbate?
“Of course! But what I meant was that I’ve finally adept it, and I know it’ll happen another time, so I do not mind touching myself to receive me through a jock drought. When I was still a virgin I’d receive exhausted of masturbating just ‘cuz I wanted to get laid already. At least now I know what it feels love, and that completely helps to make my dreams better. But I am still really looking forward to the next time I have sex!”

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Gal Face

Angel Face

This marks Hotty Sin‘s 7th appearance at XLGirls and we’ll tell you why. That babe is 47-38-46 and wears a 38FF bra. She has a glamorous face and vagina. That is precious sufficient for us and we’ll tell you why. We’re old-school around here. We love old-fashioned areola flashing, love tunnel spreading, tit-play and admirable ol’, red-blooded, two-balled screwing. Kinky and fetishy, we ain’t. So even though Hotty Sin loves to play female-dominant and receive all kinky, getting kicked around by a vixen doesn’t bring the fun here. So that is why gorgeous Angel is wearing a constricted, low-cut, righteously hot costume, a hot undergarment and skimpy panties–just the outfit for a wonderful day at the park, not at the dungeon. Add a large toy for her valuable love tunnel and it’s all nice. Cutie fantasizes about sex in elevators and circle jerks and used to play dom/sub games with other gals. Maybe one day she’ll come to a completion to come back and play the worthy ol’ hide-the-salami game with an XLGirls stuntman. That would make our day.

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Luscious Seams

Soaked Seams

“I went on holiday with my paramour and he not at any time let me leave the room of our five-star hotel. He’s my employer and this is the first time that this chab has taken me for a getaway. I thought that that chap would take me to see the sights, but instead, this chab dressed me in different outfits that this chab wanted to see (and ravish) me in. He’s so obsessed with silky nylons that he has me wear different pairs throughout the day and even asked me to sit in the tub and soak with this pair on. Then this guy disrobed and had me run the moist, reinforced heels over his hard pecker. The feeling of the wet, grainy mesh sent him over the edge and in a short time he was shooting hot cum all over my feet. Some vixens might mind being observed as an object of wish, but not me. I have enjoyment being his living doll that this gent can suit up in all the outfits he fancies. He might keep me locked away in the confines of this room, but that smooth operator sets me free by feeding into our mutual longing and excitement. This woman chaser may be stern, but no one can make me feel as lustful, wild and hawt as this lady-killer does when this lady-killer makes love to my peds.”

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