The Magnificant Bush

The Fantastic Bush

You’re not adore other cuties, are you?
“You could say that. I am buxom and I adore myself that way. I do not think I must lose weight to look better. I suppose beauties should be cheerful the way they are. Likewise, I do not shave my pubes. I know I’m one of the last girls who still has pubes, but I adore having them!”

Wow. That is quite a bush. Have u ever shaved it previous to?
“Yes, twice. The 1st time was actually bad. I knicked myself and I was so itchy when it grew back. The second time was even worse! After that I vowed to at no time shave my pubes just ‘cuz society deems it desirable.”

Has a fellow ever asked you to shave your bush?
“No. I mean, I’m sure my bush isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially these days when almost any angels are shaven. But I am glamorous nice about picking out dudes who seem love they would be into the fact that I’ve a bush. I haven’t had any complaints so far. The bucks I have had sex with truly love it. They’ve said me that my pubes are so downy and fluffy, and that my minge smells actually worthy. They seem to really adore going down on me, and I truly adore them going down, likewise!”

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Margo Soaks Her Slit

Margo Soaks Her Pussy

When we first met Margo Sullivan in the November ’09 issue (40something #190), she said “If sex receives as precious when I turn 50 as it did when I turned 40, I’ve a lot to look forward to.” Well, Margo, you are 51 now, and what’s the verdict? “Ask your charmer,” she said. “You know, that impressive, hung, black dude I banged the last time I was in your studio. He discharged a huge load of cum inside my pussy, so I am guessing this chab enjoyed himself. I know I did.” At age 49, Margo was one of the horniest sweethearts we’d ever met. And now at 51? “Honey, I am getting hornier and hornier.” Margo is a adept poker dealer, and she says that more than a hardly any times, players have flirted with her when they should have been concentrating on their hand. “A not many months ago, a fellow sat right next to me at a table mucked a royal flush ‘coz that charmer couldn’t prevent watching me cross and uncross my legs,” that babe said. “He was more interested in whether I was wearing briefs than his hand.” Did that babe end up rogering him? “I would’ve liked to, but it is against the rules. But I acquire to tell you, my tips are very, very good.” Margo enjoys boating and fishing. This babe can’t live out of a smooth operator with a worthwhile smile and a fun personality. “Looks aren’t important to me,” she told. “What’s more important is what he’ll do to please me. How lengthy he’ll spend eating my wet crack and whether this chab is sufficient of a gentleman to keep from cumming until I have had my fill. He’ll know when that is.” Margo doesn’t have many unrealized dreams, but that babe did tell us, “I fantasize about a lady-killer cumming on my hooters. Certainly, dudes do that all the time, and it always acquires me off.” What doesn’t?

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Fapping In The XL Warehouse

Fapping In The XL Warehouse

We put Jammin‘ Jennie to work in the warehouse at TSG. We heard that babe was handy with tools. XLGirls and the eBoobStore needed some aid. Why hire a skirt chaser when u can receive hot hotties? Right? However we heard incorrect. What we were truly said, and banged up in translation, is that Jennie is handy with a guy’s unyielding tool, not with tools. There’s additional proof of this at Since Miss Jenny had shown up for work bright and early, we put her to work for the day in any case and she did a marvelous wonderful job. A charming fine job of exotic dancing, squeezing and fondelling her juggs, and opening her legs so this babe could spread her bawdy cleft and fill it with a larger than run of the mill rubber tool… right there on our machine tables. This is why they call her ‘Jammin‘. So it was not a wasted day. Fortunately, we didn’t have any truckers showing up to interrupt the flow of Jennie’s productive work. So now u know what goes on sometimes in other sections of the SCORE building. Just routine. Don’t all companies have this kind of temp worker?

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Look at Her Cum

Watch Her Cum

“I love to be watched. It turns me on so much,” told Brandon. “The idea of anybody watching me through a window or catching me whilst I am masturbating is one of my fantasies. As a matter of fact, during the time that I’m playing with myself I often imagine that there is somebody else in the room tossing off to the sight of me cum.” U heard the female-dominant. This babe craves u to cum to her cumming, so don’t let her down. Must jacking!

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On Rogering The Plumber, Taut Holes & Standing Blow Jobs

On Rogering The Plumber, Taut Holes & Standing Blow Jobs

We observe a lot about 50-year-old Cassidy in this interview. We check out that that babe was an athlete in college. We inspect that she has been on the cover of fitness magazines and wrote a book on fitness. We detect out that that babe has been married 3 times, is open to the idea of a fourth time, and has children. We inspect that this babe once had sex with an actual plumber (as opposed to the fictional plumber who drilled her butt in the DVD “Fuck My Mature A-hole #3”). We detect out that this babe was one time married to a celebrated rock star. We identified out about her snatch and dark hole.

“It’s a diminutive little cunt,” Cassidy says. “It’s pink inside. It is medium rare. And I have a small rectal hole. And I’ve a really greater than standard love button, too.”

And all of that’s very interesting, but the almost all eye-opening pont of time of this interview occurs when 4’11” Cassidy stands next to her man for the day, 6’7″ Asante.

“I can almost give him a standing oral-sex,” Cassidy says as Asante towers over her.

Almost? Well, almost to the standing part, not not quite to the oral stimulation part. When this babe gets on her knees, Cassidy has to crane her neck a bit to get his meat-thermometer in her face hole (although she manages). Then she demonstrates the consummate position for her to engulf his cock. No, that babe is not standing, but close.

It’s the kind of thing you just don’t see each day.

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Chloe And Magda

Chloe And Magda

Chloe and Magda (Magdaline Garbanowski) went to Japan jointly with the British SCORE team in 1992. A not many sexy sakes and they were all over every other in heat. Magda’s large milk sacks, though quite glamourous and succulent in their own way, are not not quite in the same league as Chloe‘s. Still, that babe had a great body and Chloe enjoyed pleasuring herself with Magda. Magda felt the same way. Then they went their separate ways.

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Tiffany Fox

Added on: 01/24/2012
Age: 19
Height: 5’5
Figure: 34C-24-34
Location: USA

Example Pics/Vids of Tiffany Fox

Description: Tiffany Fox is quite the ball of energy! This beauties is amazingly enjoyment and it displays in her super hot videos and pix. View as this babe uses the rabbit toy for the 1st time ever and CAN’T LIVE OUT OF IT!
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Exotic cutie Kayme Kai loves to sex cream. This babe cums so unyielding sex videos that that babe squirts all over watch her squirt when she does. This babe was just about to spunk while playing with her coochie when Scott Lyons pulled out his shaft and distracted her with it. She gave him some head then got on all fours and had him hit it doggystyle. This babe had an explosive orgasm, squirting all over his pecker and soaking ’em the one and the other then this chab had her get on top and ride. Bouncing on that schlong did it one time more, making her squirt again. That babe squirted twice more before this guy was so turned on it was his turn. He stood over her and squirted his hot load all over her pretty face.

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