Candy Can

Candy Can

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Kandee. We haven’t observed u since the May ’09 issue.

“Yeah, I took some time off from adult modeling to go back to school and get my nursing degree. Then I got a job at a hospital and it was truly terrible! I did not savour dealing with sick folks, so I decided to come back to adult modeling ‘cuz it is so much fun.”

That’s likewise bad. We wager you looked hawt in your uniform!

“[Laughs.] Well, we wore scrubs and they do not indeed display off your shape, but I did get hit on by plenty of the male nurses and doctors coz my arse looked so plump in those clingy trousers.”

Did u play doctor whilst u were on the clock?

“Let’s just say that there are plenty of things that go down in hospitals that have nothing to do with healing. Well, maybe sexual healing! [Laughs.] I guess it’s coz all the people on the workers are stressed out. People need to cum and loosen up. I got busy a petite in number times in the parking lot during my lunch hour. Scrubs are easy to take off and on!”

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Soccer Wench

Soccer Slut

Hey, Tracey. We see u play soccer. Are u a tomboy?
“Kind of. I’m a tomboy but not a lezzie. I just truly love to play sports, and I do not care much about
make-up and ram adore that. I’m nice-looking much low maintenance. As u can see, I do not even trouble to
shave my bush ‘coz it’s just likewise much to keep up with.”

We’re seeing more bushes around here.
“Really? I’m the solely one on my soccer team that has one. I know ‘cuz the boyz I have drilled at school have all told me that all the other girls are bald. They seem to love my bush though!”

Do you solely bonk men who u go to school with?
“No way! I mean, don’t get me incorrect. I have fucked tons of dudes that I go to school with! But I don’t restriction myself to just my school. In fact, just the other day I had a fun encounter with a random skirt chaser. I was at a barbecue at a park with some friends, and I noticed a hot fellow several tables over. We started talking and we ended up rogering in
the playground one time the sun started to go down. We did it on the slip and everything. That was the best barbecue ever ‘cuz I had one huge, delightful sausage!”

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Always sexed up!

Always sexed up!

Lives: San Pedro, California; Occupation: Takeaway food worker; Age: Eighteen; Born: October 12; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: On “to do” list; BJs: Spit; Diddle: Not quite each evening.

“This is a fantasy come true,” Tracey told. “I’m always thinking about sex–either great sex from the night before or when I’m intend to acquire it one more time. I’m go out with 2 boyz. One guy’s weenie is long but kinda thin, and the other guy’s knob is shorter but obese. They’re one as well as the other so good at eating me out and making me cum during sex that I can not give a decision which one I should end it with ’cause I do feel guilty, sorta.”

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Play Misty For

Play Misty For

And now, here’s Misty Luv, a 54-year-old wife and swinger from Michigan, doing what that babe came here to do: bonk a dude she met about five minutes earlier. When this scene begins, Misty isn’t wearing much, which is great coz her body needs to be nude. The man just now takes note of her pierced muff, then rips her bra off and sucks her scoops. And then, Misty says, “Go down there and suck my wet crack!”
What? Did Misty just say that? “Yeah, lick that pussy!” that babe demands. Woah! We didn’t wait that from a first-timer! A wife. A Mother. The charmer fingers her slit. Damn, Misty‘s bawdy cleft is moist! This babe receives down on her knees and sucks his shlong. Damn, Misty can go unfathomable! But the real passion begins when the ladies man sticks his cock in Misty‘s slit. From that point on, Misty is overcome with…lust? Horniness? Wanton sluttiness? Who knows. We just know that that babe obviously likes it. Her screams echo through the room. Misty jacks the load onto her cheeks. This babe looks into the digital camera. That babe has that just-fucked look on her face. “Oh, I love that cum on my face,” Misty says. “I love that hot cum.” Stud’s glad. Misty‘s cheerful. We’re happy.

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Tiffany Doll Tiffany Doll
Tiffany Doll @

Tiffany Doll Tiffany Doll
Visit – The Complete Dogfart Interracial Sex Series @ Blacks On Blondes | Tiffany Doll

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Do You Wanna Play Doctor With Us?

Do U Desire to Play Doctor With Us?

Do you remember playing doctor when u were young? As an inquisitive youngster I often found myself being the patient, and almost all times the doctor. As a child, I knew about where babies came from and all the “wherefores” of sex. My grandparents lived on a farm and I had watched many an beast breeding. My own pet dogs were too worthwhile sex education tools. Little did I know that as I grew up, I would have the earth shattering orgasms I now experience. But, I am digressing…What I started to say is that I loved playing doctor as a youngster. When, Rebecca, a young girl glamour model was in the studio the same day as I was scheduled, this babe and I were fooling around in our doctor’s office set and lo and behold the photographers thought this was a great idea for a bigger in size than run of the mill boob, little boob set. I know that Rebecca was very nervous being around me, and when they suggested our girl-on-girl scenario, her eyes went wide, and her eyes discharged immediately to my zeppelins. Since I was about 10 times bigger than her, I could feel her anxieties and insecurities. As we went through the different scenes we would be enacting, she was visibly nervous. I took her aside and let her know that I’d guide her throughout the whole scene. I’m a very calming influence with people. We sat and talked with chilled glasses of wine and previous to the bottle was half finished I could tell that everything was intend to be all right. As I rubbed her tight back muscles, I could tell that this babe was interested in performing with me. Her fingers lingered over my body a little longer than necessary. Her breathing was coming faster than ordinary. Like was definitely in the air! As a bigger in size than typical bust glamour model, I do not need to interact with honeys with miniature taut love muffins. I had not realized how firm and perky her love muffins were. Simply damp! I loved the feel of them! They fit so nicely in my hands. I remembered that I was bigger at age 10 than this ravishing Rebecca. It appeared to be that my bra-busters equally fascinated her also. Even when the cameras stopped shooting, that babe was stroking and wanted to nuzzle with me. The 1st time I put my mouth on her nether lips, her clitoris was already throbbing. That babe was delightful! Rebecca had by no means made love to a beauty and was anxious that this babe wouldn’t do well. I told her to do everything that this babe would urge someone to do to her. Obviously she understood perfectly! She was priceless…gentle, coarse, demanding and ever so creative. Here, I thought that I was intend to be the teacher and my youthful charge was taking me to new highs. That babe deserves a definite A++. After the discharge in the studio, she and I went back into the dressing room to practice our doctor moves…and experiment on a teacher/student layout…but, then, that is one more photo shoot. Ciao!

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Hot youthful brunette shows her perky little love muffins and big jiggly ass, when she cums her juices squirt right out of her. That babe warms herself up by masturbating on the bed in advance of Scott comes in to bury his face in her cum-hole and finger her soaked wet crack. Using her warm throat that babe sucks on his shaft, touching with tongue his balls and ding-dong during the time that caressing her clitoris. Scott lays her back on the couch and penetrates her tight wet twat, then flips her over so she can ride him and her juices can roll down his pecker. After getting pounded and soaking the couch with her cum this babe wraps her lips around his meat-thermometer and swallows his skeet.

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Life With A SCORE Wife

Life With A <i/>SCORE Wife” title=”Life With A <i>SCORE</i> Wife” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Meet SCORE‘s Porno star of the year for 2011, Kelly Christiansen. Kelly, SCORE Bucks. SCORE Chaps, Kelly. Has life changed for Kelly since she was encouraged by her SCORE browser partner to ask about glamour modeling? “I think I said that was one of the reasons I got into this, that I wanted to boost my confidence,” Kelly told. “It worked! I am definitely not as coyness as I used to be. That is definitely a worthy thing for me. I mean, now I can just walk up to somebody and talk to them about anything. Especially my bumpers. I can definitely talk to somebody about my breasts.” And if a stranger complimented her about her scones? “If a chap came up to me and told, ‘You have precious love muffins…,’ I’d just be adore, ‘Thank u,’ I think. What do you say? But now, I’m adore, ‘Oh, yeah, u wish to watch them?’ Although not also many people recognize me, even now.” Kelly laughed as that babe told it. “Before I walked into the studio the 1st time, I actually, honestly didn’t think I could pose, and coming in and having such a valuable time and seeing the magazines, definitely, I could not make almost certainly of it. It was great. I read the letters all the time. I like to read and find out what people are saying about me.” What went through Kelly‘s mind when this babe first started doing hardcore scenes? That babe watches all of them as they are released. “When you watch it, you are like, ‘Oh, wow! That’s kinda hawt!’ When you’re doing it, you’re not thinking about the end-product or what it’s going to look adore. You’re into the pont of time of it. You do not have to watch what your body looks love in the different poses and how u really look whilst you’re getting screwed, so it’s valuable to step back and say, ‘Hey, that looks good!’ The thing is, I’d never had sex on-camera previous to and observed myself. It’s still a little strange. It’s me, so I get to watch it with a critical eye, and I am my own worst critic. I do love to observe myself have sex, and every time I see myself, I can’t believe it’s indeed me. My partner and I were watching one of my DVDs and got all hawt and heavy and into it, and that ladies man was like, ‘Wait, let me rewind!’ We lay there and had sex during the time that I was having sex. It was surreal. Totally different.” Congratulations, Kelly.

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