Toss off Number

Stroke Number

“What’s going on, papi?” Carmen De Luz asks as that babe saunters over to Rocky. “How about a intimate dance for u?”

Ah, that’s music to our ears. Even in South Florida, which is home to some of the world’s foremost lap dancing clubs, you’d be lucky to get a exotic dance from a dime piece love Carmen. This babe is the sort of honey that you’ll brag about bagging for weeks to your boyz. Especially ‘coz she has sex skills that make your toes curl as you try not to cum.

“I’ve been known to make males cum faster than they desire,” Carmen says. “Especially when they’re fucking me from the back. I’ll look back sometimes and notice that his eyes are closed or that that fellow just doesn’t wanna look down. And it is because if this smooth operator does look down, he’ll bust his nut right there. I love knowing I can do that to a woman chaser.”

We’re not surprised at all. Carmen has a corpulent arse and thick haunches that are made for from behind beat-her-pussy-up screwing. She’s made for the kind of hard banging where the sound of your thighs smacking into her wazoo and thighs echoes through the house. She is the sort of beauty who makes u keep track of your jack off number so u don’t cum too quickly. She’s the sort of goddess whose a-hole and cunt u wish to have fun. Shoot, you wanna fall asleep inside her and have one more round as pretty soon as u wake up.

“Morning sex is the topmost sex,” Carmen said. “But it is screwing. Banging with me is always worthwhile.”

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Even sluttier than u remember

Even sluttier than u remember

We are glad to report that at Fifty two years old, Karen Kougar sucks knob as sloppily as ever, moans even louder when she’s getting drilled by a big dick and has a meaty, pink love tunnel that looks great when a load of cum is pouring with out it. Karen has been with us since 2008–she got ass-fucked by porn woman chaser Troy Halston in her first scene at–and she’s even hornier and sluttier than in advance of.

Now, one might say, “This is a woman who slobbers all over jock and has gotten DP’d. How can this babe have gotten hornier and sluttier?”

Just watch.

In this scene, Karen takes on a bigger in size than typical, dark penis. Her fuck boy-friend is a ladies man of few words, but Karen is more interested in what’s in his pants than what’s going on inside his mind.

Does this lady ever adore engulfing balls!

Karen is a laid-back woman–almost hippy-like–who lives on a farm in a petite city in upstate Fresh York, but this babe is a pornstar and she one time fucked Ron Jeremy in the closet of a hotel lobby (“Long story” she says), and if that babe likes a lad, she’ll walk right up to him and start working on taking him home.

When a lady has a marvelous face, larger than standard bra-busters and a body adore Karen’s, it doesn’t take much work.

By the way, next time u see Karen, she’ll be getting DP’d.

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Anal Engagement

Anal Engagement

Tony is about to acquire married and is getting dressed for the ceremony that will take away his freedom. Kamille Amora is one of the bridesmaids. Kamille enters his room with a gift for the bride. That babe too has a dilemma… that babe is not sure how that babe looks in the bridesmaid’s gown. Her big 36I bosoms actually stand out. Tony offers pinning part of the top to conceal her cavernous breast valley. Bad idea, from our point of view.

Now’s the right time for Tony to pull his con game on Kamille by acting sad and confessing that that gent is had a boner for Kamille even though this is his wedding day. That Lothario fingers Kamille’s massive jugs to make his point and that babe falls for it. There’s a sucker born each minute. When it comes to sucking, Kamille deserves a box of awards.

While Tony’s future wife is preparing for this large day, her friend Kamille is mouthing Tony’s knob, making loud popping blow-job sounds and spitting on his shaft. His marriage is off to a nice kick off. Too bad this lady-killer is marrying the incorrect hotty. Tony should marry Miss Amora instead just by the way that babe pleasures pecker. They undress naked and commence rogering on the couch. Kamille’s bawdy cleft is gorgeous and after Tony screws her nice, that petticoat chaser zeroes in on her palatable butt, slipping the bone deep into her asshole. Yeah, this is Kamille’s first anal sexing on-camera!

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Daphne Stretches A Sweater & A Ding-dong

Daphne Stretches A Sweater & A Cock

When heavy-duty sweater stretching is required–not just routine fabric elongation but G-force button-hole stretching–the experts must be called in or it is simply dilettante night with a C-cupper at some SCORE-copycat schlock-site.

That is why we called upon super-pornstar Daphne Rosen (one of the not many Jewish porn gals not interested in marrying a doctor) to stretch a constricted sweater and acquire her chocolate hole stretched at the same time by the big stiffy. She’s a beauty with awesome bonk powers and skills, far beyond these of mortal humans.

The sweater Daphne wears indeed is a classic: lengthy sleeved, buttoned down the front and naked at the stomach. Now the deal with the sweater here is that Daphne keeps it on in different stages while she’s mouthing the stiff one, riding a penis in her twat or being boned up the pooper as merely she can do it. Daphne likewise uses it to wipe a large load of cum off her mambos.

Not that we were thinking of making this sweater a prize in one of our SCORE magazine giveaways as we have done with Daphne’s bra but we did wonder what happened to the garment after this fuck-fest wrapped up. The answer will probably not at any time be known and maybe it is more nice that way.

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Has This babe Gone Too Far?

Has This babe Gone Likewise Far?

Holy shit. Fellows, we have got a first-time situation on our hands. We have been showing off Bush Babies for a lengthy fucking time. We have observed thick, black pubes previous to. Hell, we’ve observed furry pits and legs, too! But this is the 1st time we’ve ever seen a Bush Baby with hair on her meatballs.

We start with a tour of Cheryl’s room. In the video that babe is telling us explicitly how that babe loves to get off. She’s leaning back, pulling her knickers to the side and exposing a thick, darksome bush. “Do you adore that?” she asks. We think we know the answer to that question. But the real shocker comes next, when she lifts her nightie and gives us a valuable, long view her really unshaved bod.

What do you boys think? Has Cheryl gone too far? Would u adore to watch more Bush Babies who go to the bizarre? Let us know in the comments section.

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Ginger Creamer

Ginger Creamer

What was your first time having sex adore?
“My 1st time was truly at an all-girls sleepover party with a very cute brunette hair. We kissed and did blow job in a room surrounded by a bunch of sleeping girls. It was sexy ‘cuz we had to be quiet so we didn’t wake anyone, but it was so rock hard because we were both dying to groan. I had to bite my lip to keep it in. I know some people might not consider that a real 1st time since I was with a angel, but I’m bi and it was really hawt. So I consider it my 1st time.”

What kind of dudes do u love?
“I’m bonkers about the older ones. But it’s so subrigid to acquire ’em to pay attention to me ‘coz I look youthful. I have even gone so far as to hit on a sexy DILF, and I had to brandish him my I.D. to prove I was legal. Then he let me blow him. I’m a pleaser, so it was a large turn-on.”

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Tetas Y Culo!

Tetas Y Culo!

This is called a reverse disrobe. It usually starts in sofa. In this sequence, Daylene begins by giving herself a wake-up spanky. Miss Rio acquires touchy-feely and during the time that her large, big breasts and pierced fur pie would adore her to hit the snooze button for a scarcely any more minutes, it’s time to rise and grind. She licks her fingers to savor the taste and scent of her womanly juices.

Daylene gets with out ottoman (the opposite of what we’re used to cuz we like to see her in bed) and gets dressed. This babe carefully chooses the right under garment and briefs she wants to wear for the day. Daylene tries on one tube dress absolutely commando. She looks mind blowing in it, but after examining herself in the mirror she decides to put on a bra, knickers and a very tight-fitting suit that hugs her curves and her hooters and arse love a sports car on a mountain road. Unbelievable.

After examining her final outfit and slipping into high heels, Daylene is willing to venture out into the big, bad world and leave a trail of broken hearts and mountainous erections in her wake.

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The Body Comparison

The Body Comparison

Valory and Chica became fast friends when they met. Dominican Chica even took Ukrainian Valory around for a voyage of the area when they had some play time. Long-time member N.C. thinks that Chica resembles the noted Savida. Facially, Chica appears to be more like legendary Busty Angelique. As for Valory, no one’s comparing her to any other models. Some say her marangos remind them of Danni Ashe’s renowned bouncy bosoms. In this movie scene, Chica and Valory acquire down to the sound and shake their asses and mambos in a body beat. It has the appearance of Valory doesn’t mind leaving the cold of her city for the warmth of the Caribbean. The ass-swinging traditions of the Dominican Republic seems to acquiesce with Valory. One of the great pleasures in life is when curvacious girls dance and bounce their boppers. These two have it down.

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