Full & Merry

Full & Perky

“Even though my wobblers are kind of big I not at all wear a bra. I don’t think I have to; my mounds are good and perky. There’re some fresh studies out that say that bras make your juggs sag even more. That’s all the substantiation I must keep going braless. Tons of people stare at my chest, but it’s mostly in a valuable way. Like they’re admiring my juggs and desire to touch them and engulf ’em. Fellows and cuties. Cant say I blame ’em.”

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Fondelled The Right Way

Rubbed The Right Way

Two pairs of hands, one male, one lady, treat Crystal Gunns to a full body rubdown in this odd photo-shoot. These phantom hands go way beyond what’s done at your standard spa. They fondle her love bubbles, her thighs, her ass-cheeks. They probe, they pinch, they pat, they squeeze and they come dangerously close to her cum-hole. Crystal comes so close to the edge from the constant sensory arousal that this babe needs to get off with a toy from Doc Johnson.

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She’s getting mature and more wonderful

She's getting maturer and better

Looking kinky and enticing in a dark dress, a leather jacket and stockings, 49-year-old Natalie Lorenz returns to brandish off her hawt body. Natalie displayed amazing engulf and screw skills in her movie scenes at 40Somethingmag.com, and now, we get to learn a little more about her.

40SOMETHING: How do u feel about turning 50?
NATALIE: I like getting aged. In my Twenty’s, I had plenty of self-judgment. I was more suppressed. As u receive mature, all that starts to fall away. U become more relaxed in your own skin. You are skillful to speak up and say what u wish and what you don’t wish. I just love getting maturer. The not-so-fun part is that your body starts to change.
40SOMETHING: It has the appearance of your body is changing pretty well, and you are experiencing the reasons we adore old chicks.
NATALIE: Yeah. In my Twentys, I was very self-conscious about being sexual. I was worried if that man can’t live with out me, if I was doing it right. It wasn’t facile. It was not how it should be. Over time, I became more and more uninhibited. My mindframe changed about sexuality across the board. I was ingrained with this Puritanical belief about dudes. If this skirt chaser cheats, u leave. But u actually must accept the nature of guys. Fidelity can not be 100% over a lengthy period of time. I am not saying that there aren’t fellows who are faithful. For me, it is like, as lengthy as it’s not my sister or my almost all admirable ally, it is okay to mess around.
40SOMETHING: Let me get this straight: If someone is go out with u, it’s ok for them to copulate around with other babes if u don’t inspect?
NATALIE: I mean in a relationship that’s more than free and simple sex. In a serious relationship, if he’s on a business trip, I do not wish to inspect about it. Just be safe, be discreet. And maybe it would be okay with me if I did know about it. Just be respectful. I guess the nature of men is that they need multiformity. But me, when I am pleased, I do not actually need that. I don’t go out looking for strapon.
40SOMETHING: So you are a one-man female then.
NATALIE: Yep. When I am in a relationship, I do not need anything else. But I understand that dudes are a little different.
40SOMETHING: What would be your porn story if you could make one up?
NATALIE: I like being with young hawt dudes. They just have a different energy. They compliment me a lot.
40SOMETHING: What would be the scene that you would set up?
NATALIE: I was literally on this airplane and I started flirting with this juvenile Russian boy. There was probably a 15 year difference between us. We were one as well as the other flying from L.A. to New York and we hit it off. When we landed, this petticoat chaser told, ” I must watch u tonight.” That fellow came to my hotel and it was adore the entire night. That is the other thing with young lads. They can go all night. It was to the point where I almost could not even stand up.
40SOMETHING: So this was one night?
NATALIE: I did see him again, but it was solely about the sex. It wasn’t about the relationship. He was an actor, so this lady-killer was pursuing that fantasy, and I had a job. We did not fall in love or anything.
40SOMETHING: So u don’t get to fall in like with a lad to have sex?
NATALIE: Hell no. Right now I’m not dating somebody, so I am only having sex with myself. I do not go out and have one-night stands. If it happens, it happens, no problem. But doing porn could become my steady sex life.

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Forest Foot Fairy

Forest Foot Fairy

Saige Aeryne can’t live with out dressing up love a nice-looking woodland nymph, but that babe cant hide the fact that this babe is actually a nympho! As she frolics underneath the banyan trees, pretending to be a fairy, that babe begins exotic dancing with out her pink tutu and frilly top, exposing her flawless little bazookas and lengthy, silky-smooth legs. Her red hair is pulled behind her ears. Miniature, white flowers are pinned in her curls. Her dance unveils off ballerina’s calves and a taut belly. She begins fondelling her succulent bawdy cleft and playing with her fairy suit, draping herself in ribbon, letting it cascade over her milk-white hips and tickle her soles. As this babe rests against her tree, fingering her squishy, damp twat, that babe rocks her body back and forth until it crashes into a full-blown agonorgasmos. Then, as colorfully as this babe appeared, that babe prances off to some other hidden woodland. Would not we all adore to hide our wood in Saige Aeryne’s thicket?

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Breast of UK

Breast of Britain

“Where would you adore me?” asked Madison Lee when it came time to choose what setting to photograph her in. Our digital camera staff had set up headquarters in a abode in the London area and Madison looked like a very good XL Girl. This belief was confirmed when her test shots were studied by the editors.

We decided to photograph Madison in that most-secret and private of hideaways for all honey bunnys. A place where sweethearts cleanse and beautify themselves in private, mostly to please men–the washroom, or in British terms, the loo.

Madison said that babe was “open minded, kooky to please and punctual.” She wanted to do a lot more posing in the future. But that not ever happened. Ya win some, ya lose some. At least we got two movie scenes and two photo sets previous to she dropped out.

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Brit Bush

Brit Bush

Hey Fawna, do the British lads adore to munch on your bush?

“I would not know. I have at no time had one go down there! I hope they do because I don’t fancy shaving likewise much. I bald down there once and did not like it a bit. Personally I suppose pubic hair looks worthwhile on a girl. I don’t watch what the big deal is with everybody getting rid of it. It is just hair! Everybody had body hair up until the past scarcely any decades when it became popular to shave it.”

So you are a virgin? Do u wanna have sex?

“Yes, I’m a virgin and I really would like to bonk. Now that I’m Eighteen I think I am priceless and ready for it. I spend tons of time playing with myself and thinking of all the things I would adore to try. For instance, I would like to have a copulate in the backseat of a restored 1960s Humber Super Snipe. I just love classic cars! But I’m so naive that I get lustful just thinking about the first time someone will lick my fanny and give me a proper shagging. I’m diddling myself practically every evening in anticipation of it!”

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Naughty Oriental high school diva Avena likes to play indecent sex games, and this scene spreads with her lying with her legs widen while her hubby tries to put golf balls between her legs. Things degrade into a steamy mutual blowjob session before he enters her doggystyle, probing her puss and then inserting his shlong into her running clam from the back. Things actually acquire steamy and sweaty and one as well as the other fuckers are luscious with perspiration by the end of the inflexible pounding session. This chap nails her in multiple poses but favors tapping her from the back, pumping her solidly until eh shoots a heavy steam of cum into her face hole and that babe swallows it all.

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Holly Hendrix

Added on: 11/22/2016
Age: 19
Height: 4’10
Figure: 32AA-22-34

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Description: Holly Hendrix is a lighthearted Nineteen year mature who will knock your socks off! This greater than life raunchy deviant is all packed into the most dunky, slim body you can imagine! This dunky tit fiend is less than 5 feet tall but works her body like a supermodel.
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