Christy’s P.O.V. Boob Bouncing Group sex

Christy's POV Boob Bouncing Bang

“At home, if I like u or I know u, I’ll be wonderful to u,” told girl-next-door Christy. “It all depends on the person. I can be the coolest person you have ever met or I can be the giant bimbo you’ve ever met. You give me flowers, I’ll give u flowers. U throw rocks at me, I’ll throw ’em right back.

“But I try to have a positive attitude about things. I try not to be too feisty. I’d say I like to be the priceless cutie. But when it comes to sex, I am the nasty one with whips and chains and nipp clamps.”

Bad angel on-camera. Worthwhile (very worthwhile) goddess off-camera.

Living in a rural area, Christy’s drawn to nature, and even being outside can make her concupiscent when the time and place is right.

“I adore cumming outdoors. I always imagine that a nearby hunter will see me and screw me right there in the woods. I have such a smutty fuckin’ mind!”

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Dina Sahari Rocks Her Busty Bathing dress Body

Dina Sahari Rocks Her Busty Bathing suit Body

Sensational angels continue to toss their tops at SCORELAND, and here we have Dina Sahari, a fashionable brunette hair with 34DDD natural boobs and the kind of figure that is inspired artists throughout history.

Dina brought her pink swimsuit to the Larger than average Unveil at pool side and a bottle of suntan baby oil to anoint her body after shedding her bikini.

Back home, Dina gets a lot of attention. In a word, she is spectacular. How does this babe feel about being the focus wherever she goes? “It really depends on how I feel. Sometimes, it makes me self-conscious ‘coz I am worried people think my milk shakes are also bigger in size than average for my tiny body frame. But I still like the attention sometimes.”

We think Dina’s perfect the way that babe is.

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Alia Janine: Your Knob Is In Her Hands

Alia Janine: Your Rod Is In Her Hands

Alia Janine is asked if this babe can’t live out of playing with her large breasts and this babe replies “God gave them to me. I might as well do something with ’em.” The photographer follows up by asking if she would like to put smth betwixt these flesh pillows. “Yes! A inflexible strapon. It fits very nicely in here,” she says as this babe rubs a hand betwixt her boobs.

Previous to the stunt pecker is wheeled in, our reporter and Alia discuss her boob skills. This babe even throws in some sexual exotic dancing moves. No thing beats the sound of 2 funbags slapping together. Tit chat and boob reveal completed, we move on to the hand party and tit-fucking. Alia has great cock-worshipping skills with her hands, her milk shakes, even her eyes. That babe is very much into the man’s enjoyment.

We give Alia major props for that, as well as for her technical skills. She has a sexy sex-voice too. Her combo double-hand stroking whilst being tit-fucked on her back rates high on the man-meat meter.

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Alexsis Faye Racks Them Up

Alexsis Faye Racks 'em Up

Alexsis Faye wants to defiance you to a game of pool. Allies, u don’t stand a chance. As in a short time that babe walked down the stairway, before this babe climbed on the green felt, it was game over for u.

Alexsis has so much going for her, what would this babe point out as her best features, if that were even possible.

“My meatballs. I am lucky with ’em. I got to discharge for SCORELAND, no? Some other would be my ability to adapt to new things.”

What does Alexsis do for anybody peculiar?

“For my woman chaser I would always try to make him feel particular by complimenting him, from his smile to a new shirt. I would ask him all the time about his desires and what turns him on.

“Also, to keep the fire alive, I would take him by surprise. For sample, in a public place when that lady-killer expects it the least. Some other thing I adore to do is whisper in his ear all the things I desire this chab would do to me and that definitely will give him a boner. And my prefered thing I like is face-sitting him.”

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Spitters Ain’t Always Quitters

Spitters Ain't Always Quitters

Funny how a cup of coffee can lead to a couple coupling on the kitchen floor. Steve is chock full of nut-juice and the ever-sexy Mischel Lee wants some of that, just not in her coffee. She’ll take it straight in her face hole. Mischel did say she is a spitter but the way this babe does it is admirable and nasty.

This slender, big boobed and bushy darksome brown likes getting and giving head, had sex one time in an airplane and did not acquire caught, favors spooning, missionary and cow hotty and pierced her pink flaps for his and her fun.

Mischel says she merely has sex one time or twice a week. That doesn’t sound like much for a goddess who made her milk cans greater to attract horny guys and does very hot copulate shoots for TSG.

Shelby Gibson, herself a SCORELAND member, commented on one of Mischel’s solo postings, “OMG, a short, skinny and stacked brunette with up-sized implants and a admirable bushy bush. That babe is beautiful! I would like a 3some with her!” A more attractive endorsement a millionaire’s cash can not buy.

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Christy Marks: A Good Hand With Lengthy, Rock hard Objects

Christy Marks: A Priceless Hand With Lengthy, Hard Objects

“My pointer sisters adore to do things that ordinary boobs don’t do,” Christy told us when we 1st gotta know her.

“Because they’re so large and out of control. Like when I lay on my back, one goes one way and one goes the other way, so if you were to check out me from like a 360 point of observe, it would look love I was a fish or a chameleon with one eye pointing one way and one eye pointing the other way, and to me, that’s not absolutely usual.

“And they flop around all the time, especially if I do not wear a brassiere and sometimes even when I do. And ‘coz they make it hard for me to discover bras that fit, and because I acquire looked at all the time.

“I’ve always known that plenty of guys out there love bigger in size than run of the mill boobies, but there is something about the way SCORE treats the adult models with respect, nearly worships ’em, that I actually like. I mean, I know it’s my billibongs that got me here, but it’s love you respect the complete woman.”

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Kim Velez Braces For Bigger than typical Tit Enjoyment In The Country

Kim Velez Braces For Big Tit Enjoyment In The Country

SCORELAND is the place for a wide variety of breasty body shapes. There are cuties with hourglass figures, the brick houses, the super-slim ‘n’ stacked naturals, the beauties with enhanced slim ‘n’ stacked bodies and many more. Somebody for everyone.

Then there’s the baby doll category that young and natural Kim Velez from South America perfectly fits into. Kim too suggests very big, darksome areolae that cap her ski-slope mounds. She often sucks on her areolas and leaves a lipstick kiss on them. This babe does that in this scene also.

Kim has a larger than standard number of sextoys at home. This time, her fingers do the pleasuring. After this babe sticks a pair of fingers in deep, this babe licks them. That’s always a hot sight to see.

Being a adult model for SCORELAND took Kim out of the bedroom and gave her a fresh experience, opening her up to fresh ideas. Being outdoors in lush, private surroundings was an thrilling change of pace, Kim said.

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Roped In

Roped In

Playing rope-a-dope with a thick red rope, dressed in sinister fetish clothing and armed with a vibrating toy to screw herself with, Katarina is fit to be tied. It is a different look for this girl-next-door.

Katarina’s been adult modeling for The SCORE Group since this babe began learning the ropes in 2007, and this side of her was a radical departure from her cheery girl-next-door self. Katarina Dubrova‘s always been a delicate-looking, flower-child kind of beauty. Does the black side indeed suit her? Some will say yeah, others no.

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